Friday, May 11, 2012

Android Emulation Quick Guide

Running an Android emulator on your computer is pretty simple.
You probably need to make sure you have JDK first.

First off, download the Android SDK from

Select at least:
Android SDK Tools
an Android Version
its SDK Platform
& its ARM EABI System Image

Then simply extract it
(check the compression quick guide)

Now, from a terminal, cd into the android folder and into the tools directory and run "android":
  • cd <android folder>/tools/
  • ./android
This will run the SDK Manager.
Choose an Android version and install its packages.

When done, you'll need to create an Android Virtual Device.
First run:
  • ./android list
to see available system image targets.

Note the id you want (it might probably be "1" at this point).
Then run:
  • ./android create avd -n <choose-a-name-here> -t <target-id>
(e.g: ./android create avd -n myPhone -t 1 )

It will ask if you want to create a custom hardware profile. Unless you want to, you may choose the default [no].
Now you've created an AVD.
If you want to tweak some things like give it some space to use as an SD card for apps, run:
  • ./android avd
This'll run the AVD Manager, and you can use the "Edit" button on your AVD here.

Now, to run your AVD, run:
  • ./emulator -avd <your-avd-name>
It might take a couple of minutes to boot for the first time.

And that's it; you now have an Android emulator!

Hallo Android!

For more info, check the Dev Guide:

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  1. Perfect, concise and straight forward :)

  2. Please fix it's to its :) otherwise, cheers

  3. Thanks a lot! Two corrections: You have to downloaded "ADT Bundle", not "Android SDK" (the latter does not have images etc.). Second, I kept getting "permission denied" until I changed permissions for executable files appropriately.

  4. Im using Ubuntu 13.04 and have tried as my normal account and sudo'ng as root both with the same issue when i try ./emulator -avd . Says "bash: ./android-sdk/tools/emulator: No such file or directory"

    Any ideas where the issue is here?

    Really wanna get an android emulator working on Linux to play around with things at work instead of using my phone ;) Little cheeky i know :D

  5. hanks a great deal! 2 modifications: You need to down loaded "ADT Bundle", not really "Android SDK" (the actual second option doesn't have pictures and so on. )#). 2nd, We held obtaining "permission denied" till We transformed permissions with regard to executable documents properly.

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